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  Lisa Albert, RMT, n.d.
Member of CMTNB College Massage Therapists NB
Member of ANBMT Association of NB Massage Therapists
Member APNN Alliance Professional Naturotherapists
Certified Bowen Therapy / Baby Bowen / Reflexology

381 St George Street Suite 201 Moncton, NB E1C 0N5
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Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain??
Welcome to Bowen Therapy  
Treat yourself to an amazing experience...Your body deserves it!  
Bowen Therapy consistently achieves promising results that are second-to-none and is endorsed and highly praised by top physicians around the world. It is pioneering the revolutionary wave in natural healthcare by surpassing mainstream Western and alternative methods in addressing common and rare ailments as well as acute and chronic pain using a simplified approach. 
A relatively new concept, from Australia, that gets RESULTS, where many other therapies fall short.

Unique and gentle rolling movements are made over muscles that stimulate the nervous system to respond and begin an amazing healing process, which the body does on its own. This stimulates a response throughtout the fascia effecting nerves, lymphatics, organ function, muscles, and joints. Bowenwork does not use forceful manipulation and can be used on anyone regardless of their health status including very frail elderly, newborns and trained athletes. The technique can improve function in a gentle but profound way
Many, who have spent thousands of dollars elsewhere with little or no results, are ecstatic when they receive the results they are looking for AFTER JUST A FEW VISITS! The results speak for themselves.

Can Bowenwork help me?
The original Bowen technique can assist in recovery from many conditions, from trauatic injury to chronic illness. 
Consider Bowen for:
-back pain, sciatica
-digestive & bowel problems, IBS
-mental/emotional stress
-Chronic fatique syndrome
-respiratory problems
-knee, ankle, and foot problems
-sports & accident injuries
-neck/shoulder problems, frozen shoulder
-carpal tunnel syndrome
-tennis or golf elbow

Call: (506) 874-7285 to book your Appointment

381 St George Street Suite 201 Moncton, NB E1C 0N5
Prices are HST Included / We accept Cash/Credit Card
Please Respect Our 24Hour Cancellation Policy
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